Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event celebrating the love you share with your partner. This day marks the beginning of a new chapter of your lives together. It goes without saying that you’ll want to capture this special event to look back and reminiscence on in the future. Prices for wedding photography services in Singapore range from affordable to lavish. There are various wedding photography styles out there, so it is important to communicate to your photographer the style you prefer for these once-in-a-lifetime photos. This blog will detail five of the most popular wedding photography styles currently trending in Singapore. 


1. Traditional Wedding Photography


Traditional wedding photography, also known as classic wedding photography, remains a popular choice for couples in Singapore. This style focuses more on formal portraiture of the happy couple in their best looks. You’ll also get stunning group shots and well-positioned family photos. Traditional wedding photography usually involves more guidance and direction from the photographer on posing for the most impactful photos. While some might hesitate at the idea of a “traditional” photoshoot, this classic photography style will stand the test of time and never go out of style.  


2. Photojournalistic Wedding Photography


If you desire something less formal and more candid for your wedding photos, you might want to discuss the idea of shooting in a photojournalistic style with your wedding photographer. Photos will be taken unobtrusively throughout your big day, with attention to raw, intimate moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. The photographer will capture moments as they occur naturally, allowing genuine emotion to take centre stage. This style is sometimes also referred to as documentary or reportage photography.


3. Artistic Wedding Photography


If you and your partner are known for your quirky personalities, you might appreciate for your wedding photographs to be just as full of character. Artistic wedding photography pays high value to aesthetics and fall somewhere between posed and candid. Explain to your photographer that you would like your photos to seem playful and unique. Let them know that you’d like to experiment with lighting, camera angles, shapes and different framing devices. In a sense, there are no strict “rules” when it comes to artistic wedding photography, although the ultimate aim of capturing the joyful events of your wedding day remains the same.


4. Dramatic Wedding Photography


Dramatic wedding photography is all about capturing the atmosphere of a moment. Light, shadow and contrast are a huge focus in this photography style, and the mood of the wedding photos captured usually carry a cinematic quality. Post-production also plays a significant role in achieving the specific tonality of such images. People often remark that there is a certain gravitas and dignity to wedding photos captured in a dramatic style, which goes well with the event’s solemnity. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. It’s not every day you pledge yourself to your beloved and vow to love them for the rest of your lives. 


5. Editorial Wedding Photography


An editorial photography style is the one to go for if you want your wedding photos to look straight out of a magazine spread. Your photographer will capture every picture-perfect moment in even lighting, paying attention to the aesthetics of your outfits, décor and setting. Your photos will come out looking polished and ready-to-frame without appearing overly posed or staged. There are some overlaps between this style and the ones above, so make sure to communicate to your photographer which elements you want in your photos.


Wedding Photography Services in Singapore


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