Supporting the Digital Workforce

More than just a tool of communication, video conferencing sets the foundation that enables today’s digital workforce. Simply put, video meetings help teams maintain human connections without compromising mobility and flexibility — attributes that are increasingly important in today’s workforce. The same goes for web conferencing; participants can interact, deliver and view presentations, and perform other meeting tasks irrespective of physical location.

Improving the Quality of Communication

Video and web conferencing enable superior communication and learning by way of visual and audio. Verbal and non-verbal communication not only improve the quality of communication, but also improve the degree of understanding amongst participants. In this aspect, video and web conferencing allow businesses to revel in increased productivity. On a more personal level, it offers a platform for companies to build a stronger sense of community and familiarity.

Simplifying Collaboration and Usability

Video and web conferencing not only allows for easy communication and participation, but it also simplifies collaboration and usability. Nowadays, teams require access to collaboration solutions that allow them to meet via audio and video conferencing, screen sharing and real-time messaging. However, relying on too many solutions may overcomplicate things, which will hinder productivity and efficiency, amongst many other things. By deploying a consolidated online meeting solution that is centrally managed, teams now don’t have to worry about troubleshooting every meeting and can instead focus on the task at hand.

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