Contrary to popular belief, creating a portrait is more complicated than just having a well-lit photography studio and a high-quality DSLR camera. When you leave your portrait to be taken by the trusty hands of professionals such as Reelwerkz, you can rest assured that you will look great in the photos. Other than personal portraits or professional portraits, our photo studio in Singapore also provides photography services for weddings and family portraits. 


One of the most common reasons why Singaporean families come together to have their portraits taken would be to celebrate. It could be to celebrate a new addition to your family, a family member’s recent graduation, other milestones or even an anniversary. During these celebratory events, most families would find it apt to get their portraits taken by professionals in a photo studio, so they can get the best quality photos enlarged, framed and displayed at home for years to come. 

Even if there are no major milestones to be celebrated, you might want to consider updating your current family portrait at home. Are your kids all grown up now or are there new members in the family - perhaps a son, daughter-in-law or grandchildren? Leave no family members behind in your new family portrait! 


Here at Reelwerkz video production company, our ultimate goal is to help our clients translate their ideas into reality with photography. With the expertise of our skilled photographers and production crew, along with a fully-equipped studio, we are able to assist you when it comes to turning your concepts into eye-catching visuals. Work with us today for the most outstanding family portraits and more in Singapore. Check out our previous works for clients and our wide range of studio photoshoot in Singapore on our website now. 


There are many styles when it comes to portraiture, but mainly there are four approaches to portraiture used by portrait photographers:


This was the first type of portrait photo - during the photo shoot, the photographer will construct, create or direct their subject to create a staged atmosphere or moment. As mentioned in the introduction, the family photo would be an example of a constructionist approach.


It is an approach that focuses on the relationship between the person and their surroundings. The photographer works with the subject to create a specific pose and tries to frame the shot to highlight the people in the photo. By working together, the photographer and subject can create an image that tells a story and captures the subject's essence.


A successful constructionist portrait requires a photographer with a keen eye for composition and the ability to work with people to bring out their unique qualities. At Reelwerkz Singapore, our photographers have taken numerous portraits of families, newborn babies, and graduates and have honed their instincts and skills for portraiture. 


Our photographers play with angles, lighting, and depth of field to create a sense of mystery and intrigue, "who is this person?" or "who are these people?" with the intent to draw the viewer in even if they were photos of people you don't know.

Fresh and Novel

The most modern of photography styles, the novel approach uses unconventional techniques and styles to create unique and visually striking images. In Singapore, novel photography experiments with different lighting, locations, editing, or posing techniques to create images that stand out from the crowd. This style of photography allows your family to create something that resembles an art piece, as it pushes the boundaries of traditional photography and creates memorable and impactful images.

Achieving a fantastic novel picture can take a little work. All we need is an experienced photographer with a strong sense of imagination and creativity and staff with technical expertise in lighting and post-processing. The photographer can create unique and visually stunning images with a deeper meaning, like the photo above, without being too avant-garde but still creating a lasting impression. If you love studios, our photographers can also apply this style to studio photography, and we can provide you with a creative, novel shoot in our studio loft. 



Simply put, this approach is used when a person wants to be photographed in their natural or professional environment. This style can incorporate both the Constructionist and Candid methods of portraiture; the person is photographed in a place they are comfortable with, allowing them to behave more comfortably while still receiving some notes and direction from the photographer.


This approach incorporates the subject's surroundings into the image, providing context and depth to the portrait. Our photographers can capture individuals or groups in their natural habitat, whether at work, home, or community. An example seen below is a professional photo of the staff in a chiropractic studio in Singapore. This style is used to create photographs meant to serve as a type of record of the person being photographed, whether for an article or company website.

This approach showcases a person in their natural environment, creating a sense of connection and authenticity that resonates with viewers.


This style can be complicated for amateur photographers because of unforeseen circumstances in new, uncontrolled surroundings, such as bad weather or lighting issues. However, our professional photographers can overcome problems because they have learned to work with what they are given. They can use the environment to their benefit by framing the person and creating a sense of place and belonging that adds meaning and depth to the portrait.


The above approaches also require creativity but not to the extent used in Creative portraiture. This approach usually goes beyond focusing on the person, background, and lighting for a photograph.


This approach uses unconventional techniques and styles to create unique and visually striking images. Our staff is professionals with experience experimenting with different lighting, editing, or posing techniques to create images that stand out from the crowd. This style of photography allows both our studio and you to push the boundaries of a traditional portrait photo and create more than images but works of art that are both memorable and impactful.


Our staff uses their strong sense of imagination, creativity, and technical expertise in lighting and post-processing. By experimenting with different techniques and styles, our photographers create unique and visually stunning images.


Whether it's a conceptual portrait or an experimental technique, creative portrait photography can create images that challenge viewers' expectations and create lasting impressions. These creative portraits can also act as a statement piece for your home.  

Natural and Candid

Candid portrait photography, as the name suggests, is a style that captures families naturally and candidly, without much, if any, posing or directing. As mentioned, family photoshoots have moved away from the severe and pretentious atmosphere of our ancestors' studio pictures and have become more relaxed in modern-day Singapore. This style of photography aims to capture your loved ones' vibrant personalities and emotions rather than a staged or artificial image.


To achieve the natural photography style, our studio's photographers are aware of the need to be patient and observant, so we can successfully capture each family member's expression or body language in a picturesque manner. During an outdoor photoshoot, natural light and mobile photography equipment can create a relaxed and authentic atmosphere, allowing you to feel at ease and express yourself freely.


Our photographers aim to take photos naturally and spontaneously to create honest and captivating images to convey a story about your family.


What occasion would be best to use a portrait photo? Of course, the list for the occasions is non-exhaustive, as you can book a studio session with us for any event or milestone. Still, mainly there are some themes where portraiture is popular.


Weddings usually make use of both the constructionist and candid approaches of portraiture.


The Constructionist style is often used in wedding photography to capture the couple dramatically and visually strikingly. By incorporating the wedding venue or other surroundings into the images, our photographers create an atmosphere that enhances the beauty of the wedding day. Our photographer may use the architecture of the wedding venue to create a dynamic and visually exciting backdrop for the wedding couple, resulting in unique and memorable images.

This style can also be used to highlight the details and decor of the wedding, which is excellent because it documents the painstaking work put into planning the wedding. The use of techniques such as framing and lighting to emphasize the colors and textures of the wedding flowers, table settings, and other decorations.


Our staff not only wishes to create beautiful images but would love to create portraits that evoke the emotions and memories of the day. This photo style can be particularly effective for capturing the intricate details and personal touches the couple and their wedding party have added to their wedding day.


The Candid approach is used in wedding photography to capture the emotions between the couple and their loved ones. Candid shots can create a sense of authenticity that reflects the genuine feelings of the day. Our photographers capture moments such as when the bride and groom are caught up in a moment of laughter or a heartfelt exchange between the couple and their families and families.


We also capture the moments leading up to the ceremony, such as the bride getting her hair and makeup was done with her bridesmaids or the groom sharing a moment with his best man while getting dressed in his hotel room. These images can provide a behind-the-scenes look at the wedding day and capture the emotions and excitement often overlooked in a traditional constructionist-style wedding photo.


These styles can provide the couple with diverse and comprehensive photos that tell the whole story of their special day!


The most apparent form of maternity portraits is the Constructionist and Candid approach. Still, the Creative process for maternity photos has become popular.


The Creative style can be used to create stunning and unique maternity photos that showcase the beauty of motherhood. This style can also create images that tell a story about the mother and her journey through pregnancy. An example would be to create a series of portraits that show the progression of the pregnancy, from the early days to the final weeks, or use a combination of black & white and color images to create a visual narrative.


Candid maternity photography can capture the everyday experiences of pregnancy. These images can provide a behind-the-scenes look at the joys and challenges of pregnancy and capture the emotions and connections often overlooked in Constructionist maternity portraits.


Constructionist maternity photoshoots are traditional but can still create simple yet beautiful maternity photos, and as someone pregnant, you might appreciate this no-fuss shoot.


No matter the style used for your maternity portraits, these images can serve as a reminder of the love and connection between the mother and child and can be treasured for years to come.


Typically, the Constructionist approach is appreciated in any Singaporean corporate setting, and, as they say, there is no need to fix what is not broken.


This approach can create a professional and polished image of each employee and the company. Our staff has experience using dramatic lighting to make sense of drama and importance or poses and composition to create a sense of power and authority expected of corporate powerhouses.


A consistent style in a corporate portrait can also be used to create images that are consistent with the company's branding. A consistent approach to corporate photography can help the company create a cohesive and recognizable visual identity that can help to build brand recognition and awareness. The Constructionist style can also establish the company's credibility and authority in the eyes of its customers and stakeholders.


Nowadays, we still use portrait photography to mark essential occasions, just like in the past. Still, now we also celebrate graduations, the birth or birthday of a child, and even pregnancies.


Family portraits now can also be a less glitzy affair, and there doesn't need to be a special occasion for you to have a family photoshoot. We can even do outdoor shoots instead of shooting in our traditional photography studio, as they did in the past.


Reelwerkz studio will explore portrait photography in Singapore and discuss the various approaches, techniques, and trends shaping the industry. We'll also examine the importance of lighting, composition, and post-processing in creating beautiful, impactful portraits that tell a story and evoke emotions.

A professional family photo can be taken anytime for any reason, but here are a few famous milestones.


Whether you're looking for a newborn baby or pregnancy photoshoot to celebrate your journey in motherhood, our staff will work with you to create the perfect photography experience because at Reelwerkz, we believe that family photography is more than just taking pictures – it's about capturing memories that you can look back on fondly.


A newborn photoshoot is a unique way to capture the fleeting moments of a baby's first few weeks of life because they will start walking and going to school before you know it. Children grow up so quickly, and having photos to document their growth and development can be incredibly meaningful.

The main thing to remember about newborn baby photography is that they are typically done within the first two weeks of a baby's life because, in our years of experience, they are still sleepy and easier to pose. Our studio is gentle and patient, as newborns can be unpredictable.


We also know that as important as it is to take a beautiful photo, safety is paramount during a newborn photography session. Our staff will ensure that all professional equipment in our studio and poses suggested are newborn-safe and secure. In addition to our safety precautions, our photographers are trained for and have experience in newborn sessions so that we can assist with posing and handling newborns.


If you would like to be photographed in a safe space, a home photoshoot is an excellent option, as it is a more personal setting fitting for an intimate session.


Whether you're graduating from university, polytechnic, JC, or even kindergarten, graduation is a huge milestone. At Reelwerkz, we're here to help you capture this momentous achievement. Our studio's photographers have years of experience capturing graduation photos and will work with you to create images that truly reflect the joy and excitement of this special day.


During a graduation photoshoot in our studio, we encourage the graduate to express themself through their facial expressions or body language because it is essential to capture the emotion and excitement of graduation day. However, If the graduate would prefer a more stoic photo, our staff can also help reflect the formality and importance of graduation with a professional look.


Whether you prefer individual portraits or group shots with friends and family, we'll ensure you have the perfect photographs to celebrate this important milestone.


The wooden-framed graduation photo has been a staple in many Singaporean homes, and we would love to help you achieve the ability to hang high above your living room.

Festive & Birthday Celebrations

Just as our forefathers did, portraits captured during festive occasions can be a great way to encapsulate memories and preserve them for future generations. In the present, in addition to positive events, family photoshoots are another way to celebrate young children's birthdays. This is no surprise, of course, because they are both occasions filled with laughter, joy, and love, and having photos to look back on can help you relive those special moments.


Family photos with children bring an added sentiment to the picture because as you look back on the image in the future, it will serve as a visual reminder of how much your children have grown and changed over time.


These photos are also a method to honor family traditions and your cultural heritage, especially when you are adorned in traditional outfits. These family portraits were how our ancestors recorded and observed the styles of their time and shared them with us in the present. By being photographed in traditional outfits, you are doing the same as they did.