A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to product photography, nothing rings more true. Now that most businesses in Singapore have moved to the online space, customers aren’t able to make their purchase decisions based on touch or product interaction. In such cases, this is where product photography comes in.

Quality product images are a driving force of engagement, conversion, retention, and ultimately, customer lifetime value. It sets the first impression and can be what prompts a potential customer to choose your product over your competitors’. Simply put, product photography can make or break a business.


Product photography, from the onset, may seem simple to the uninitiated. After all, all you need is a camera and your product. Focus, shoot, and voila — you’re done!

No doubt, doing so may have given you a couple of product images, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that these images are of quality. To produce excellent product images, the entire process needs to be carefully thought out: from concept (branding, conceptualisation), the actual shoot (lighting, background, direction) to post-production (editing, file preparation for online uploads or physical prints).

If you wish to have product images that can draw attention and convert engagement into sales, excelling in all three stages is crucial. This is where engaging the services of a professional photographer comes in. Not only are they skilled at all these three technical stages, but a professional studio photographer also knows how to highlight the benefits of your product through visual means and make your brand stand out amongst competitors.


As a production house in Singapore, we make it our mission to translate your ideas into reality. With a deep understanding of artistic trends and technologies, our team of skilled photographers can create visuals that can help your product and brand to rise above the noise. If you are in need of photography services, our photography studio in Singapore is always open for collaborations. Check out our portfolio to see the works we’ve done. Book an appointment with us or contact us at +65 69777147.


Marketing and branding have become an increasingly competitive industry intensified by digital marketing platforms' constant stream of commercial ads and sponsored content. To get above the rest of the competition, the product photography is now expected to provide a glimpse into the product's features and benefits while being creative and emotional to create a connection between your potential customers and your product.


It is also essential for companies to create a professional and consistent image - a brand, so to speak - for a company. When done correctly, they can convey a sense of professionalism, reliability, and expertise. Using consistent lighting, posing, and settings, the images can create a cohesive look across all marketing materials, from the company's website to business cards to digital marketing platforms. This consistency helps to create a solid and recognizable brand image that can help to build trust and credibility with your clientele.


Packaging Photography

As the name suggests, a packaging shot showcases the design, branding, and other packaging details. These photos are helpful for e-commerce sites as they give customers a better idea of what they will receive when they purchase a product (in terms of size, dimension, and color).

Individual Photography

Individual shots refer to photos of a single item in isolation which helps your potential customers focus on the product's various features, textures, finishes, and details without any distractions. This is a classic photography style from the 1960s to get straight to the point without doing much, but it might get lost in the social media algorithm because of its simplicity. This is where our studio's product photographers' expertise and our use of lighting, depth, and camera types can help elevate the photo. 

Detailed Photography

This involves photographs that zoom in on specific details or features of a product to showcase the quality and craftsmanship of a product. Detailed photography can show the quality of a product, such as the precision of a machine part, as seen in the Custom PC (pictured on the left). This photography style is excellent for technical products with many features and functions. It also garners interest through an air of mystique by highlighting a more extensive product's minute, unique details.

Scale Photography

Scale photography shows a product about other objects or people. This is helpful for e-commerce businesses because customers aren't able to interact with an item directly to have a sense of its size and proportions.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photos show the item in use or in a real-life setting, building and selling a story of how the product will become a part of the customer's daily life and routine. This can also apply to sports products such as underwater sports because this promotes an active lifestyle and would be best pictured outdoors. Pictured on the right is a photoshoot for a Singapore-based healthy snack company, which quickly explains why it was shot in a natural, green setting. This conveys an aspirational healthy lifestyle and can help to engage people to become customers.  These types of shots are often more creative and emotional, depicting the products as part of an aspirational lifestyle or scenario, and can play a significant role in attracting and engaging people to become customers and building a brand image.

Group Photography

Group shots have multiple products photographed together against a plain or white background and are ideal for showing brand lines or collections. Showcasing various products in a single photo can make increasing your reach to potential customers easier because it helps them view multiple products within one image. It also highlights complementary products, which can encourage customers to purchase more items than they intended to get in the first place.