Employing a professional photography and videography studio for your company’s visual branding needs can significantly improve your company’s image. As the saying goes, human beings are visual creatures. Regardless of what we may think, we do judge a book by its cover.


Consummate visual branding tells your audience that your company appreciates quality and is committed to delivering high standards. Corporate photography and videography will not only improve your brand’s aesthetics but also capture the essence of your brand’s credibility. In a pool of similar services, quality visual branding can help a company look more professional, respectable and noteworthy. Such visuals allow businesses to differentiate themselves and to reach and retain the attention of a broader audience in Singapore and beyond.


At Reelwerkz, we are experienced in delivering high-quality corporate photography and videography of all kinds. Read on to find out more about some of the services we offer:




A friendly, professional headshot goes a long way in establishing trust with potential clients. Any corporate “About Us” page will look more polished and thoughtful with the inclusion of profile pictures. Clients will appreciate the transparency and put a smiling face to the people behind the products and services they are looking to engage. Headshots can also be used (and reused) as profile pictures on communication platforms like Slack, company intranets, and traditional print materials.




Similarly, employing professional photography and video production services for your corporate events in Singapore will ensure that you have tailored representations of the services you provide to share with your potential clients.


Important keystone moments that seem to pass in the blink of an eye will be permanently captured. Photos of your corporate events can definitely be used for advertising your services on your website. They also ensure quality visuals for other physical and digital marketing collaterals like annual reports, PowerPoint slides, posters you may want to hang around the building, and more. They also serve as a visual portfolio and motivational reminder of the company’s corporate growth and development through the years.




Grab your viewers’ attention in mere seconds with Reelwerkz's corporate videography services for your company’s branding, training and marketing purposes. Corporate videography allows great flexibility in the type of content you hope to communicate. Some common video ideas include:


1. Company Branding Videos


A branding video with high production value will provide compelling insights into your company's working environment and corporate culture in Singapore. Such videos can boost your company’s image and help retain and attract the right talent.


2. Behind the Scenes Interviews

Produce a video featuring your current employees. Get them to share their experiences on the excitement and benefits of working at your company for a more direct and personal marketing approach.


3. Campaign-based Marketing Videos


Turn your product or service into a story that resonates with your audience. A well-told story that appeals to the human condition will not only stay with your audience for a long time. If they choose to share it on social media, it may go viral, and your brand will be exposed to different viewers on those platforms with the potential to become future clients.




All brands want visuals that connect with their audience. Like any other relationship, the one that exists between corporation and client is built on trust. Employing quality visual branding not only allows potential clients an insight into the workings of your company but also the values you stand by and the service standards you are committed to delivering. As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words. It only makes the most sense to employ the help of a skilful professional for your corporate photography and video production needs. Click here to book an appointment with Reelwerkz for your corporate photography and videography needs today.