The surge in using video content to advertise, educate and promote products and services is a trend that won’t be dying down anytime soon. This rise in video consumption is thanks to the popularity of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok and the increasing technological literacy of all sectors of society. More than ever before, video commercials make an effective and engaging way to reach larger pools of audiences. There are many filming and editing styles a video commercial can take. These include timelapse or hyperlapse, simple animations, montage, motion graphics, among others.


Below are some popular commercial formats a video production house like Reelwerkz can create for your business or organisation.


1. Feature Commercials


Feature commercials highlight a specific product or service you want to promote to your audience. Feature videos are one of the most popular commercial formats, and with good reason too! Think of the focused commercials world-renowned brands like McDonald’s release for their special menu items. You will be able to provide details on what makes your product or service great and motivate consumers to try, buy or gain more interest in what you have to offer. Effective feature commercials can range from simple montage videos to more complex animations and motion graphics.


2. Testimonial Commercials


Testimonial videos are a great way to build your audience’s trust in your product or service. More than just mere visual noise, testimonials are a way of conveying the benefits of what your business offers from a credible, third-party perspective. It is simple human psychology to trust the words of people who’ve stood in our shoes. Likewise, consumers interested in a particular product are more likely to believe the reviews of other consumers. Be it a commercial for a hearty meal at an F&B outlet or a specific item that aims to improve the quality of your life, testimonial videos are a surefire way of striking a chord with your viewer.


3. Animated Commercials


Animated commercials are particularly popular with child audiences due to their dynamism and ability to make content easily digestible. When done well, they leave an equally striking impression on adults. High production values are essential for all corporate productions but are especially important for motion graphic video commercials where flaws are near-impossible to conceal. A skilful editor is needed to ensure that your animated commercials come out looking stylish and professional and not rough around the edges.


4. Comparative Commercials


Comparative commercials aim to differentiate your products and services from those offered by your competitors. For example, think about the iconic brand wars between Pepsi and Coca Cola. Communicate value by demonstrating the quality of your product in contrast to your competitor’s. This need not mean that the competing product is a failure. It just means that yours is superior. For example, suppose you want to market a specific plant fertiliser. In that case, your commercial concept might include a timelapse of the growth of two plants, one grown using your product and another with your competitor’s. It’ll be difficult to deny the advantages of your product once the results are plain for all to see


We Offer Commercial Video Production Services in Singapore 


High video production values should not be compromised when it comes to creating corporate videos. The production house you work with must also understand the goals you want to achieve with your commercial and the way this video will fit into your business’s overall marketing strategy.


Reelwerkz has extensive experience producing video commercials and other corporate video productions for various brands and services. Some of the corporate clients we have worked with include Swarovski and Nescafe. We involve our clients in every step of the process and believe in clear communication to ensure that your brand’s voice shines through in all our visual creations. Click here to view selected items from our portfolio of corporate video productions. You can also contact us through our online form with any questions you may have or to collaborate on a project of your own!