Sometimes, it encompasses a harmonious blend of music, text, and illustration combined into one. Other times, the text will be the main star of the show. You can mix and match an amalgamation of specially curated elements with motion graphics to produce the desired effect. These details matter from the typography to the color scheme; you want to ensure that every component coexists to create a powerful message through the screen. 

By using motion graphics in your videos, you’re bringing simple illustrations and words to life, literally! 

What’s the difference between motion graphics and simple animation?

Motion graphics are, in fact, a part of animation. 

Animation is an umbrella term for all forms of motion and movement that generally consist of narrative production. On the other hand, Motion graphics typically do not comprise a narrative aspect. Instead, they sprinkle life into an otherwise stagnant design, giving movement and animation. 

Whether you’re creating an animation for your business logo, a part of your social media campaign, or raising awareness for a cause through visuals, a dashing touch of flair can do wonders. 

Types of motion graphic videos

Motion graphics can be used in many different ways, depending on your objective and the essence of the video. First, ask yourself this: What is the primary purpose of your video production? Are you looking to:

  • Reinforce your branding?
  • Educate and inform? 
  • Promote and advertise a particular product or service?

Your objective determines how motion graphics can help to communicate your ideas. Ultimately, it relies on the message you would like to convey. So, what are the ways motion graphics can be used to spruce up your video project? Let’s find out!


Elevate your logos with a spin. Add a little illustration that encompasses your brand’s characteristics, and voila, you’ve made your logo more engaging! 

In fact, you can combine your business’s typography, colour schemes, and design to reinforce your branding effectively. By doing so, you can showcase your brand’s essence without compromising on your business’s standardised design guidelines. With a twist, spin, and turn, you’re on your way to creating eye-catching branding!


Infographics do not have to be a tedious affair, nor does it have to be overly complicated.  

Adding a touch of motion graphics here and there within your graphs, diagrams, and other forms of statistics can help emphasise specific points while creating more captivating visuals. Not only is it visually engaging, using motion graphics is an excellent way to condense information into digestible visual aids.  

Explainer Videos 

Adding motion graphics to your videos can help to make your content more engaging.

This way, you’re efficiently illustrating your content by converting information into graphics that help your viewers to understand the subject at hand. Whether it’s ideas that are complex in nature or mentally demanding issues, motion graphics are a great assistance to explainer videos.  

Get your graphics set in motion

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