Live streaming has become a mainstay in the roster of digital tools we have available to reach our audiences. Expected to reach a value of approximately USD $247 billion by 2027, live streaming is radically changing the video marketing landscape and definitely more than here to stay. Videos with high production values have always been a compelling way for brands to reach their customers, but life streaming takes the average commercial up a step by presenting products, services and information in more personal, sincere and spontaneous ways. 

If you’re looking for an affordable live stream studio with green screen capabilities in Singapore, Reelwerkz can help. Read on to discover 5 popular ways you can engage with and grow your audience through live streaming.

 1. Life Streamed Product Launch

One of the biggest ways to draw audiences to your brand is to live stream the launch or “unveiling” of a new product or service. We can see this success displayed in live streams by world-renowned brands like Apple and Google in their live streamed event launches of their yearly released smartphones. Human beings naturally gravitate towards new products and experiences. By live streaming a product launch, you will be generating buzz and excitement around your new offering. People who do not live in Singapore and might otherwise not be able to attend your launch event in person will nonetheless be able to tune in to your live streamed video launch. Live streaming is also a great way to diversify your audience and gain a wider reach. 

2. Live Question and Answer Segment

Live question and answer segments are popular with consumers because it demonstrates that your brand is actively listening to questions and taking heed of constructive feedback provided by loyal customers. This is a fantastic way to empower your audience and boost your brand profile. A live streamed Q&As can come in the form of an AMA (Ask Me Anything) segment, or you might be able to structure your live stream off previously collected questions (for example, through social media polls). Answering questions live will not only show that your company is interested in building a personal connection with your viewers, but also provides a good chance to demonstrate your comprehensive knowledge and expertise about the product or service you are offering. 

3. Green Screen Live Streaming

High production values are a must when it comes to sharing any form of video content. Whether you are airing a pre-filmed commercial or hosting a live stream, it is easy to see where time and effort has not been invested to create a professional or pleasing viewing experience. One way to increase the quality of your live stream is to opt for green screen live streaming. Unlike regular live streaming where the camera records what is directly in front of them, green screen live streaming provides you with the flexibility of customising your own background independent of your location. This also means that you’ll be able to seamlessly change the background according to the speaker, content or your audience’s reaction for a more polished look and greater engagement. 

4. Provide Behind the Scenes Content Live

Audiences love to know about how their favourite brands operate behind-the-scenes on a normal day. Ultimately, human beings seek human connection and the best way to market your product or service will be to put a human face to it. This might look like a live streamed behind-the-scenes event where the cameraman films how artisans create the products you are offering, or perhaps never-seen-before footage of initial prototypes or even just a casual tour of your office space. This will not only demystify your brand and provide genuine insight into your company, but also allow your audience to see the passion and process behind the product or service you offer. 

5. “How-to” Live Stream Tutorials

Demonstrate the efficacy, functionality and beauty of your product by live-streaming a “how-to” guide or a short tutorial. If you’re a fashion company, this might look like how-to styling guides for different seasonal pieces in your catalogue, or if you’re selling art supplies, you might choose to demonstrate how to write a few words in cursive calligraphy with new brush pens. The options are simply endless! What matters is creating engaging content with high production values to enrich your viewer’s experience and keep them coming back for more! 

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