The necessity of quality corporate headshots cannot be underestimated in Singapore’s competitive business environment. In essence, a friendly, professional headshot serves as a vehicle of trust and a way for potential clients and business partners to get a feel for your team members and company culture. Corporate headshots help put faces to different names, allowing businesses to create not only a more professional, but also a more personable and approachable image. Whether you need a professional headshot to decorate your company’s “About Us” page, employee LinkedIn profiles or email signatures, our photographers at ReelWerkz are here to help with all your corporate visual branding needs

Without further ado, here are some top tips to help you nail that perfect corporate profile headshot. 

1. Choose an Appropriate Background

The most important thing to remember when it comes to choosing a background for a corporate profile shot is that the person is the main subject of the photograph. Unlike passport photos, corporate portrait photography does not necessarily require a plain white background. Feel free to inject some character into these headshots through the choice of another non-obtrusive colour or patterned background– for example, a natural brick wall. The background you choose will likely also depend on your company’s brand and image, which brings us to our next tip…

2. Consider Your Attire

Depending on the nature of a company, employees will likely dress in either smart casual or formal attire. For example, it would not be amiss for employees of a law firm or a government agency to dress in smart suits for their professional headshots. On the other hand, if these headshots are for employees of a creative graphic design start-up, it might be more intuitive and appropriate for employees to come dressed in smart casual attire. Some companies might want employees to wear their corporate uniform for their headshots. It is overall still best to steer away from overly casual attire. We recommend wearing attire in muted, solid colours instead of bright colours with overly flashy prints

3. Posture and Facial Expressions

We’ve all been there, attempting to conjure up a specific expression in front of the camera… It can be an awkward affair to pose and smile in front of a camera but employing a professional photographer with experience directing subjects can make the whole process go a lot smoother. It is important to keep in mind that the purpose of corporate portrait photography is to provide potential clients with an impression of your company. Therefore, while facial expressions need not be loud, tooth-bearing grins, they should still be pleasant and personable. You can never go wrong with a professional smile. Posture is also important. Stand up straight and avoid slouching to present the best version of yourself to the camera.

4. Uniformity is Important

Regardless of what facial expression, attire or background is chosen, it is important to keep this consistent across all employee headshots. It would be jarring to click on a company’s “About Us” page only to be confronted with disjointed and incongruent employee headshots. In addition, you should also communicate to your photographer if you would like these corporate headshots to be taken from the waist up, chest up or shoulder up. The cropping and editing of corporate profile headshots should also be consistent across the board. Maintaining uniformity will not only enhance your company’s professional image from a visual design perspective, but also makes it easier on the eyes for potential clients browsing through your website or social platforms.  

5. Practice Beforehand

Practice your facial expressions and poses in front of a mirror before the shoot to get comfortable with the image you want to present. Try out different angles and poses to decide on the one that feels most natural to you. This can also help reduce some of the awkwardness that comes with photo taking and the feeling of being under time pressure during the session itself. 

The Best Corporate Portrait Photography in Singapore

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