An image speaks louder than words. In the current digital market, your products need to stand out from the rest in order to capture your audience's eyes. To do so, visually represent your products in the light that they deserve.


Use product photography to truly encapsulate your product's unique characteristics and nuances. This will ensure that viewers understand the value and quality that your product can provide.


Before photographing your product, there are a few different ways to capture the first impression (first impressions are the ones that stick) for various occasions. To help you on your brand's journey of solidifying your product's image, here is the ultimate guide to four types of product photography.

Allow Your Products To Speak for Themselves

When it comes to e-commerce, your target audience can't personally interact with your product before they decide to purchase it. Fortunately, quality product photography in Singapore allows you to visually reveal the quality materials, stylish packaging and enticing lifestyle your product encompasses.


Expert photography is an excellent way to expose your product's sophisticated features. Using the right lens, light and product photography studio, you can invest in corporate shots to showcase the product's materials, colours and feel so that the viewer feels like they’re interacting with it. 

Essentials of Product Photography

Corporate studio photography can help your business. Your product will stand out from your competition with a click of a (camera's) button. A picture that speaks a thousand words will allow your potential customers to experience the product at its finest.


When investing in a corporate photoshoot in Singapore, there are various types of product photography to shoot your product. To keep your visual brand consistent and unique, you can consider leveraging on different photographic styles and methods

Single Shots

The most common product photography for e-commerce is an individual shot of a product. This photo will have a blank background with only the product filling the frame. Single shots are usually done from multiple angles to show every side of the product. A single shot with a clear background focuses on the product, emphasising its unique features.

Group Shots

Group shots are photographs of an entire range of products. Group shots are a powerful way of showing off your products and are ideal for website banners or social media posts. Group shots are an impactful way for audiences to view the variety of products you have to offer.

Detailed Shots

Detailed shots are quality close-up shots that capture the fine details of your products. These shots enable you to reveal the quality materials, design elements and unique characteristics of your product. These shots are usually displayed alongside single shots of a product on a website.

Lifestyle Shots

You're not only selling a product but a lifestyle, too. Lifestyle shots are photographs that include a curated setting with a model to showcase the lifestyle that comes with your product. Lifestyles shots enhance your brand's identity and the life that aligns with your product. In addition, they’re a compelling way to market your product on your website and social media.

Final Shot

It only takes about 13 milliseconds for a person's brain to process an image. Product photography isn't only about visually representing your product and offering your customers an opportunity to experience your product's quality, texture and charm.


Reelwerkz is a corporate product photography studio in Singapore that will expertly capture the essence of your product to display your product. With Reelwerkz’s expertise in product photography, the meticulously taken shots will surely hook your target audience and generate conversions.