The success of live-streaming for audience engagement has never been more obvious than in today’s age of social distancing. As brands seek new ways to connect with consumers, the affordable entry-cost levels of live streaming make this medium an attractive marketing tool for companies looking to grow their audience beyond Singapore. As per its name, the “live” nature of live-streaming means that there can be no do-overs once the stream has started. It is therefore essential for businesses to abide by certain best practices before live streaming.

Read on to discover the tips and tricks we’ve put together to help ensure a smooth sailing live stream event.

1. Choose the Right Platform

There are many live streaming platforms currently on the market, including those services integrated with popular social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Where you chose to stream your video will likely depend on a few factors. If you opt for an in-built live streaming service, as a rule of thumb, your event will likely be more successful if you stream it on the platform where you have accumulated the most followers. It is also important to take into consideration the nature of your event. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to live stream an academic or business conference through your phone’s Instagram app. In these cases, you would be best served by engaging a dedicated video production company to live stream your event with a professional camera setup. If you’re looking for an affordable live stream studio with green screen capabilities in Singapore, Reelwerkz can help. 

 2. Promote Your Live Stream in Advance

It would be a great disappointment if all the effort and planning that went into your event goes to waste because no one shows up for your stream! Promote your event at least a few days in advance and generate interest up until the day through social media platforms and newsletter emails. Get your audience interested by sharing a bit about the speakers who will be present as well as topics that will be covered. Be sure to include information on the date and time of your stream (including your time zone if you’re expecting an international audience) and share a link to your event’s virtual waiting room. 

3. Consider Your Equipment and Internet Connection 

Regardless of whether you’re pre-filming a video or going live on air, high production values are necessary to build your audience’s trust in your brand. A well-produced video, whether pre-filmed or live streamed, can go a long way in piquing your audience's interest in the content, products, and services you have to offer. This might mean that a professional camera setup beyond the camera on your mobile phone is needed. Engaging the help of a video production company will ensure that you have access to professional video equipment and technology to produce an all-round polished look. A professional production studio will also have more knowledge about the intricacies of video work and be on hand in the case of any technical difficulties. Most importantly, a strong internet connection is pertinent to the success of any live streamed event. 

4. Factor in Audience Engagement Strategies

Regardless of the purpose or format of your live stream event, audience engagement is the key to greater conversions. One of the biggest benefits of live streaming is the ability to interact with your audience in real time. Consider incorporating a live question and answer segment near the end of your stream for your audience to ask any questions they may have about the contents of your stream or your company. This demonstrates that a company is interested in listening to what their audience has to say and makes a good chance to reveal a more personable side to a corporate face . Click here to read about more ways to connect with your audience through live streaming.

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