Whether it's to welcome a newborn baby, celebrate a graduating son or daughter, or just a reminder of your love for each other, there are many occasions suited for a family portrait. A picture with your family is one of the most precious memories you can have with your loved ones. In good times, it’s a reminder that you have a whole team of people cheering you on, and in bad times it assures youthat you have a reliable support system if you ever need a listening ear. 

With Reelwerkz’s extensive experience as a family portrait photo studio in Singapore, here are some best practices that will do wonders for your portraits!

1. Have A Plan

In Singapore, we love to plan down to the little details for everything. This skill will definitely come in handy when it comes to portrait photography. First of all, discussing and planning the studio photoshoot is key to a great family portrait. Making sure to avoid timings like a baby's nap time, or periods where your kids or parents will be out are important in preventing a failed shoot. Additionally, planning a theme or a colour to coordinate with helps to create a uniform look amongst you and your loved ones.  

2. Account For Lighting

Ensuring you have suitable lighting is important for setting the mood in studio photography. Indoor shoots are slightly trickier and require a little more timing, lower exposure and softer lighting. Try to utilise natural lighting and pastel colours as much as possible, to ensure the focus is on you and your family.

For outdoor shoots, make sure to do it on a sunny day with low lighting to avoid excessive exposure on your faces. Most photography studios in Singapore would recommend natural lighting versus artificial lighting too, as it goes a long way in making a picture seem more authentic and genuine.  If worrying about the lighting sounds like a hassle to you, consider booking a family portrait at Reelwerkz’s studio in Singapore.

3. Set Your Shutter Speed

For photography beginners, learning about shutter speeds is an important asset to have, as it gives you a better understanding on how it impacts the quality of your pictures. As a rule of thumb, your shutter speed should always be double your focal length, to prevent blurry family portraits.

4. Select A Suitable Aperture

Picking the right aperture mode is important depending on the type of portrait you’re taking. For example, candid photos require you to react quickly, so aperture priority mode is preferred, especially for lower light situations. If you’re unsure on which aperture to choose, it’s always best to consult a professional photography studio in Singapore for their expertise. 

5. Lock The Focus

To prevent unfocused shots for your family portrait, it’s always important to lock your camera focus before shooting. There are various locking options to choose from, with the most common ones being auto or manual focus depending on what kind of camera you’re using. Do also make sure to keep your camera either on a tripod or a steady surface to prevent your camera from shifting focus and taking blurry pictures. 

5. Create A Fun Atmosphere

Family photoshoots are meant to be fun and upbeat, so having a stale atmosphere where the only focus is getting those pictures out isn’t going to be an enjoyable experience for everyone. Don’t be afraid to play with props or colours if there’s a certain theme set, or festive lights or decorations to help brighten the mood and get everyone looking their best for your portrait. 

6.  Prepare For Candid Shots

Candid shots work best when the person being captured is unaware, so it’s best to use longer lenses to allow shots to be taken from further distances. To get the most authentic results, try engaging in an activity that everyone loves and will be distracted by, preferably in a well-lit area. This helps you to capture the genuine emotions of your family and makes the portraits all that more special. 

Snap A Family Portrait With Reelwerkz

While these tips and tricks are good for casual pictures with your family, it’s best to engage studios in Singapore that specialise in family portraits for larger scale events. 

Our photo studio at Reelwerkz is able to provide you with quality portrait photography packages, all at an affordable price. If you’d like to learn more, read our blogs or contact us today!