How many times have we gone to a friend or family member’s home and smiled when we saw the photographs hanging on their walls?


The moments we see in those photos might include a bride and groom on their wedding day, the proud smile of a newly minted graduate, the chubby cheeks of a newborn baby, or a grand family portrait including every cousin of the extended family. Regardless of who it is in those photographs, we instinctively know that those moments and memories captured are valued and treasured, and even more so the people who appear in them. Portrait photography is a popular way for many people in Singapore and beyond to record important moments in one’s life.


From our earliest days as an infant to our older years surrounded by grandchildren and great-grandchildren, here are some moments in one’s life where a photographer’s skilful eye might come in handy:


1. Newborn Photoshoots


Have a studio photoshoot for your newborn. The ideal age for newborn photography is between 5-14 days after birth, so you’ll want to commit to a studio before the due date to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Your little bundles of joy won’t stay this small and cute for long, so capture this fleeting moment while you can. Parents and siblings can also join in on the photos. It’ll be fun to look back on these photographs together as a family when they’re a bit older.


2. Graduation Portraits


Celebrate the achievements of the new graduate in your family with a graduation portrait. All those years of late-night studying, rushing to meet deadlines, and learning new skills away from home have finally paid off. It’s not every day someone gets to wear a square mortarboard! If it’s been a while since you’ve done a family photoshoot, it might also be time for an update to the family album. A family portrait featuring the newest graduate might be appealing.


3. Engagement/Pre-wedding Photoshoots


Engagement marks the next step in journeying through life together with your partner. Share the good news with friends on social media with professionally taken engagement portraits that show just how deliriously in love the both of you are. Engagement photoshoots allow couples to take their time posing for lovely, professional photos of themselves in their wedding attire or another outfit of choice. Choose to take your pictures in the studio or at a different location. You can also use these pictures to decorate your wedding website or venue. Reelwerkz also provides photography and videography services for the wedding day itself.


4. Maternity Portraits


“You have that pregnancy glow!” Having a maternity studio photography session to celebrate the miraculous feat of sustaining another life in her body is a good way to embrace the new physical changes a woman goes through during this period. Get the father to join in! A pregnancy photoshoot can also be a fulfilling experience for the father, strengthening the bond between both parents and their child. Looking back at these photos will give your child a glimpse into just how happy and excited their parents were to meet them before they were born.


5. Family Portraits


We might walk past that old family photo on the mantelpiece every day only to realise how time has passed and how different we all look now. That baby in the photo now has a full head of black hair, just as your head of hair has turned grey. Family is the most important thing in life, and you will want to have these portraits to look back on when you walk down memory lane. You can also pass down these photos to future generations as keepsakes.


Capture yourself surrounded by those you love with a family portrait studio shoot. Is your family celebrating the birth of a new child? If new additions have recently joined the family, it might be a good time to update your family portraits to include everyone in the picture. Likewise, if family members are leaving Singapore for studies or other reasons for a long period of time, it might be a good opportunity to get a shot of everyone in a family photograph before their departure.


6. Anniversary Portraits


Just because you’ve been married for forty years doesn’t mean the romance has to die! Anniversaries are an opportune time to take new photographs with your beloved. These photos serve as testaments to the enduring nature of your love for one another. Recreate a favourite portrait from your wedding day for each anniversary, and you’ll have a collage of photos to look back on when you’re both old and grey.


Of course, you don’t have to be married to celebrate the anniversary of your relationship. Couples who want to do something special to mark their dating anniversaries might also find anniversary photoshoots a fun way to celebrate their love for one another.




Memories fade, but photographs are forever. We all have days we wish we could hold on to for a little bit longer. While the ability to pause time is as yet unheard of, the ability to capture a moment in time exists thanks to the art of photography. There are many people and occasions to be grateful for in life. Those moments are worth capturing if only so we can have a constant reminder that they have happened and will continue to happen to us. Click here to book a portrait photography session in Singapore with Reelwerkz today.