Due to the pandemic, governments in Singapore and around the world have placed limits on the number of attendees at personal, public, and corporate gatherings. Traditionally large in-person events such as weddings, funerals, congregational religious services, and business conferences that once formed the fabric of our day-to-day lives can no longer accommodate pre-pandemic levels of attendees due to safe-distancing measures.


While the severity of these restrictions might ebb and flow depending on the evolving situation in Singapore, many individuals and organisations have chosen to tap on live streaming and video conferencing solutions to help make events, meetings and gatherings accessible to all while fostering a sense of connection. Many entrepreneurs have also diversified their business strategies and are now making use of live streaming to engage and retain their audiences.




Live streaming, sometimes referred to as just streaming, is a media technology that allows videos to be filmed and broadcasted over the internet in real time. Your event can be private or public. With live streaming, people provided with your event’s unique live streaming link will be able to watch what is happening in the present from any device with an internet connection regardless of where they may be. You can choose to tailor your audience to selected individuals, or open your live stream up to the whole world.




Live streaming is favoured for both hybrid and virtual events not just because it provides people who cannot attend in-person a synchronous view of what is happening, but also because of the high levels of engagement afforded. Through this direct channel of communication, viewers will be able to share their thoughts through messages and emojis via the chat function. The live stream medium can also be tailored to different formats such as game shows, auctions and fundraisers among others.




At Reelwerkz, our studio space is equipped to provide our clients with green screen live streaming capabilities. Using a green screen will allow you to change the backdrop of your live streaming footage, opening up a world of possibilities for engaging your audience. A green screen will also elevate the video production quality of your stream with an air of professionalism. Leveraging high-definition and quality production values is one way to differentiate your business from a pool of similar services. Let your creativity be the only limit.




Web video conferencing is a form of live streaming catered to business meetings. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, remote or hybrid working is now part of the new normal for many organisations in Singapore and beyond. Conferencing through the web allows all members of a company’s workforce to participate in meeting tasks regardless of their physical location. With video conferencing, participants can communicate, interact, deliver, and present to their colleagues through video. On occasions where face-to-face interaction is not possible, web conferencing is the next best thing for organisations to maintain a sense of community and drive employee engagement for greater productivity.




Some common events making use of live streaming services include:


●     Weddings

●     Religious services

●     Business and academic conferences

●     Concerts and performances

●     Events and festivals


Reelwerkz specialises in visual productions for your corporate and personal needs in Singapore. Apart from offering photography and videography services, our studio space is able to provide live streaming with green screen capabilities. If the need arises, we can also bring the set up to you. Whether you’re searching for a video conferencing solution for a corporate event or a live streaming service for a personal celebration, we’re here to help. Book an appointment with us or give us a call for more information regarding what we can do for you.