If you’re launching a new business or brand in Singapore, you might be wondering about the importance of employing a professional photography service to create custom photographs for your visual branding needs. The necessity of good corporate visuals is foundational to building an eye-catching website or e-commerce site. Professionally taken corporate photos can also come in hand with other physical branding materials like brochures, banners as well as other physical promotional materials.


While it might be tempting to opt for stock photography, hiring a professional photographer to oversee your visual branding needs will give you the upper hand and prove more beneficial in the long run. It is no secret that visuals can directly influence how people feel. The common saying that a picture is worth a thousand words continues to hold true in the digital age. Here’s why opting for a custom corporate photography service will benefit you and your business more than using stock photography. 


1. Convey Your Authenticity


Let’s say you want to create a page on your website to introduce potential customers to your company’s history, mission and people. While you might be able to type in generic phrases like “teamwork” or “company culture” into the search bar of popular stock image photo banks, the visuals that you pull up won’t be representative of the actual individuals who work for your company. 


At best, this might leave a bland impression on the casual browser who just happened to stumble upon your website. At worst, potential clients may feel disinclined to work with you due to perceived inauthenticity from using artificially modeled photos. On the other hand, having a corporate photoshoot of your team will provide you with professional photos you can use to authentically depict your company culture and people, and increase your brand value.


2. Allow Your USPs to Shine Through


Hiring a professional photographer allows you the flexibility to decide on not just the overall concept you have for the photos you want taken, but also the details that might need to be fine-tuned. Your brand’s vision and unique selling points will not be compromised by cliché and vague stock photos that miss the mark in capturing the true essence of what only your company can offer to potential clients. 


3. Save on Costs in the Long Run


Some people might have the misconception that stock photos are easier on the wallet. Nonetheless there are other hidden costs to consider. Many well-known stock photography sites will often charge a licensing fee for every photograph used. There will also be restrictions on what you can or cannot use the photograph for. Hiring a professional corporate photography service will not only allow you more creative freedom but can also help save on costs in the long run.


4.  Leave a Lasting Impression


Creativity is key in the competitive world of marking. If you’re looking for visuals that stand out, you’ll appreciate the help a trained photographer can provide not just for photo taking, but also for concept development. A professional photography studio can help you brainstorm and generate concepts suited to your corporate branding needs so that your resulting photos will not only be polished, but impactful and memorable.


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