Whether you’re a fledgling Singapore start-up or an established international company, the advantages of filming a corporate video are for all to reap. Any company creating or reworking their marketing strategy should definitely take into account the many benefits offered by including video content as part of their plan of action. From enhanced search engine optimization to increased customer engagement, here are some of the most popular reasons why engaging a video production company to create a professional corporate video for your brand will likely result in multifold benefits. 

1. Enhanced Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is tricky business and the race through the ranks to the first page of Google search results makes it easier for potential clients to find your business, products and services to ultimately increase conversions, leads and sales. It is well known that search engines like Google favour content that adds value to search engine users. A well-produced video backed up with thorough metadata including descriptions and tags can do a lot to push your site through the ranks. In fact, research suggests that web pages with video content are 50 times more likely to rank organically on google’s first page than those without. Corporate videos can also be used to grow a company’s YouTube presence through the same SEO principles. 

2. Improved Brand Image and Recognition

Videos allow your brand’s story to shine through in an easily digestible format. A well-produced video can help overhaul your brand’s image and identity in the eyes of your customers to help communicate what your brand really stands for and believes in. The creative combination of visual and auditory material in a video simulates the real-life experience of using a product or service, allowing a brand to build associations between their offerings and the positive benefits it will bring to the life of the consumer and as such improve brand recognition. 

3. Increased Customer Engagement

According to marketing research, internet users watch an average of 16 hours of video per week. Many people would prefer to watch a short video to gain understanding of a topic than read a body of text. Consumers may find reading a long article to be laborious, but watching a short corporate video has the benefit of putting a human face to an otherwise bureaucratic image of a company. A brand can choose to educate and onboard new users to their products and services through an educational video, gain the trust of consumers through testimonial videos, appeal themselves to prospective hires through branding videos, or demonstrate why their product or service is superior to their competitors through comparison videos. The possibilities of what narrative can be achieved with a corporate video are endless

4. Videos are Recyclable Across Platforms

Filming a corporate brand video can be akin to making an investment that keeps on giving. While your initial idea may be to upload your video to your website’s home page and leave it at that, the wonderful thing about video content is they can be routinely reused across different platforms, including social media depending on your content strategy.  The same footage can be edited with a slight hand to produce vastly different results tailored to different audiences, or shortened into bite-sized clips to fit the vibe of different social media outlets. For example, a business can choose to reserve a longer video for their YouTube channel while only uploading short highlights on their Instagram page. 

Choose Reelwerkz for Your Corporate Video Needs 

High production values should be prioritised in the creation of any form of corporate video content. The content a brand puts out will reflect on their identity, professionalism and care for customer satisfaction. Engage the help of a video production company like Reelwerkz to bring your brand’s story to life and engage your audience through a creative format. Get in touch with us at +65 6777 7147 or our online form to find out more about the services we can do for your company in Singapore!