Nowadays, live streaming in Singapore and across the globe has fast become the latest piece of the marketing pie for all kinds of businesses in many different industries. And for very good reason - there are a number of high-yielding benefits for doing so.

Reelwerkz understands all too well how important live streaming is becoming, and are here to help your business take a step in this new direction with not only a huge amount of experience but also highly affordable prices. We’re the go-to live streaming and corporate video production company in Singapore, so speak with us today to learn what we can do for your business.

In the meantime, let’s delve into some of the real advantages that live streaming can have for your business.

1. Increased Social Media Presence

Provided your social media presence is already quite strong with many followers, live streaming enables you to better connect with your audience.  With its highly engaging and very direct nature, it offers your business a more meaningful and deeper way to interact with your customer base.

Should your follower numbers be few and far between, the first step before live streaming needs to be actively increasing them as your return on investment (ROI) may not meet your expectations.

2. Give Your Audience Greater Access To Your Brand

Providing your followers with the ability to tune into your live events is another fantastic way to increase meaningful engagement. This might be something like a product launch or conference; really any event you think will be interesting for your social media audience to experience themselves via live streaming.

Additionally, providing an increased access to more aspects of your business that different people are interested in seeing through corporate event video production has a huge potential to further expand your following. This will increase not just your brand’s reach and awareness but also brand equity - how much value your brand name has in your customers’ minds.

3. Establish Your Business’ Credibility

Continuing on from the previous benefit’s point about brand equity, Reelwerkz’ corporate videography can provide your business with an expert voice that carries through assets such as well-produced webinars. These live streams will enable Singapore and worldwide audiences will see your business as a thought leader in your field. As such, live streaming can be a useful tool to further promote increased credibility and advance your brand equity even more.

4. Create New Revenue Streams

Did you know that in 2020, live streaming e-commerce in China was worth around US$188 billion? Yes, that’s billion, with a b. A gigantic part of this was due to what’s now being referred to as ‘shoppertainment’, a combination of e-commerce and entertainment, where live streaming is used to showcase products and offer discounts. 

And then there’s luxury live streaming, another phenomenon which was born in China and is rapidly expanding across the globe. We all know that shopping today is vastly different than it was a few years ago, and some of the biggest luxury brands are jumping on the live streaming bandwagon to continue to offer their customers their higher-end products. For example, Louis Vuitton has live streamed a number of their fashion shows since back in 2020 due to not being able to have a crowd in attendance. And with record-breaking success.

Your company could be next in line. With live streaming, the sky’s the limit - tap on this resource to create new revenue streams and markets for your business today!

Tips To Incoporate It Into Your Business

You have quite a few options when it comes to incorporating live streaming and corporate videography into your business to connect with your audience (all of which we can help with), including:

  • Product launches
  • Promos/tutorials/how-to’s
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Event live streaming
  • Interviews and Q&A sessions
  • Influencer takeover

Elevate Your Business With Reelwerkz 

Whether you’re interested in expanding your streams of revenue, increasing awareness and equity of your brand or a combination of everything, the range of services at Reelwerkz has you covered. From live streaming to corporate videography, video conferencing services and more, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure exceptional outcomes every time.

For cheap video production in Singapore that delivers nothing but the best in quality, there’s simply nobody better. Speak with us today either by calling us directly on +65 69777147 or sending us an online enquiry.