With a booming e-commerce landscape, product photography is more crucial than ever before. In 2021, retail e-commerce sales was valued at a stunning US$4.9 trillion, which is forecasted to grow by a meteoric 50% over the next four years.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Visual aesthetics has never been more important for your products. Hiring a product photographer is vital for businesses looking to create an online presence. Professional product photography showcases a company's products in the best light, using high-quality images that help to sell the items.


Photographers use various techniques to capture the essence of a product and showcase its features, whether it is for a website, an online catalogue, or social media. They understand how to use light and composition to make products look their best, resulting in an attractive photo that will persuade customers to buy.


Stay ahead of the curve and have your products looking better than the competition with professional product photography!


1. Time & Cost-Efficient


If you’re thinking of shooting your product photos yourself, you might want to consider the time it would take you to set up the lighting, compose the product, shoot, and do the post-production editing.


Hiring someone might be more time-efficient, as a product photography studio is designed to deliver high-quality photos, fast. In addition, you are entrusting your most valued products to the professionals, and you can be assured of the quality.


2. Ability To Scale


If you’re managing hundreds or even thousands of products, in-house photography can be an intimidating task. Each product category has to be meticulously crafted, and each product has to have the correct lighting, multiple shots, and post-production editing.


That’s when professional product photography will help save you time and effort in the long run, so you can concentrate on running your business.


3. Lowers Return Rates


Nobody likes returns! Customers want to receive a product that looks exactly like it does when they purchase it online. Having 360-degree images can accurately depict your products to your customers and give them a sense of trust when the product arrives and it is exactly how it looks like the pictures.


Product photography is often the first thing customers see when they are browsing for a new product to buy. Poor quality or unprofessional product shots can be terrible for branding and a major turnoff, resulting in customers returning products and lowering your overall sales.


Good product photography can help to increase customer confidence in your product, this in turn can lead to fewer returns and higher sales. Professional photos will show your products in the best light possible, and will help to create a positive first impression with potential buyers.


4. Boosts Conversions


Product photography is an important aspect of online retail. It can be the difference between a customer clicking “add to cart”, scrolling right past your product, or leaving your online store without much consideration.


Good photography can make your product look stunning, high-quality, and more expensive, setting your products apart from your competitors and giving you a headstart.


5. Creates Interactive Images That Build Trust & Satisfy Customer Expectations


The rise of e-commerce is unprecedented, but so is the rise of customer expectations. The consumer of today want detailed, accurate photos before they shell out money, and they want a lot of them.


Poor visual imagery will have your products being shelved for something more attractive. High-quality images build trust, and professional product photography shots will say way more than images taken in poor lighting or inferior composition.


Interactive images like 360-degree spinning improves the customers understanding and visual idea of what your product is and how it looks, increasing engagement and helping the customer visualise the product despite the lack of tangible product experiences.


Help Your Products Look Picture-Perfect With Reelwerkz


There’s no question about it - visuals sell. Professional product photography will help your business get a leg up over the competition. From corporate photoshoots in Singapore to live streaming, the passionate team at Reelwerkz is eager to help you create magic.


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